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management software

Professionally programmed with the funeral business


Crematory management system «OpenAgent» is a software that is tailored for the crematory management. It covers all areas of the crematory business: customer accounting, farewell halls schedule, transportation and furnaces capacity. The system allows you to track and manage customer’s order from the draft to the urn burial.

The system can be adjusted for your own needs, products, contractors, services and documents.

«OpenAgent» is a web-based system and you can use it from any PC or tablet. It may be hosted in any public cloud e.g. Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS or in your own server for security reasons. You can command crematory even from island.

You can allow Funeral Directors to make halls reservation, order urn, flower service and any additional services with our mobile app for Funeral Directors designed for both iOS and Android.

«OpenAgent» Features:

  1. Role based interfaces. By default “OpenAgent” provides interfaces for: Funeral Director, Crematory Manager, Accountant, Farewell Halls Manager, Furnace Operator and bunch or different contractors, such as: transportation service, flowers service and so on.
  2. Advanced Security. All connections between client and system runs over encrypted channel. Role based security system allows us to share only necessary information to contractors and suppliers to perform parts of order.
  3. Integration with payment systems. Your customers may pay by cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal or even by escrow service. We can integrate “OpenAgent” with your accounting system e.g. QuickBooks
  4. Farewell Halls Schedule. You can allow customers to see farewell halls schedule on-line to be in time in right place. And for you it is a tool to manage halls capacity.
  5. Notification system. With “OpenAgent” advanced notification system you can send E-mail/Push/SMS to customers and be alerted automatically if something goes wrong before it affects customers.
  6. Backup. You never lose any data with our each hour full backup.

OpenAgent advantages:

  1. All-in-one solution for crematory management and crematory related businesses
  2. Simple, easy to use interface. Be focused on business, not software
  3. Web and mobile app
  4. Sell more with cremation services packages, additional services and provide services with contractors
  5. Integration with payments, accounting and inventory systems
  6. Based on leading technologies of web and mobile development

OpenAgent is a leading developer of software

for the funeral and crematory industry in Russia.

Contact us. Our managers provides any additional information about the processes and prices.
And our developers adjust web and mobile apps for your business demands.

Our Phone number: +7 (903) 720-04-08 (English speaking manager)

The cost and timing

of each crematory management software project depend on a number of factors:

POWERFUL performance and flexibility

Cutting-edge technology, unparalleled support
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